Young Mothers in Mind

Project Aims

The intention is to support young women through a mentoring project aimed at providing support to young women by spending specific time with them and listening to them. Supporting and building their self-esteem and confidence through character-building activities, nourishing connections with peers and seasoned mentors on issues including mental health. We will equip each participant with the skills necessary in order to parent effectively. We will promote creative thinking and expression in the young women to recognize their strengths and build on their talents to overcome obstacles they face in life and develop long-term life goals while working toward economic independence. We will help the young women to develop their leadership capacities and self-reliance through one-to-one and group mentoring to have a positive impact on their families and communities they live in.

Mentoring Activites

The mentoring project will be delivered through programme of one-on-one mentoring and 20 fortnightly peer group-mentoring sessions delivered by trained mentors and volunteers. Each group session will run for 3hours with capacity for up to 20 young women. One-on-one mentoring will be provided through face-to-face meetings, as well as a variety of other forms of communication, including telephone, text messaging and e-mail. At the end of the mentoring programme the young women will produce an end of project showcase event to implement what they have learned from the project for their families and communities.