Sports & Drama Activites

Drama Activites Summary

Drama participants prepared a showcase Drama performance in which they performed in front of a large number of local community members, The Drama show was about empowering young ethnic minority women (20 women took part the Play as writers and actors). Also, there was a panel discussion in which we brought role models speakers (5 inspired women speakers) who inspired the young girls. In addition, there was a question and answer session following the panel discussion, in order to allow the community actively engage with the discussion points. Furthermore, we engaged young girls in a fashion show (15 girls) showcasing cultural traditional dresses which were a confidence-building activity for the models and allowed the older community members to support them in doing so. The main showcase event has been held in a Community Theatre style Hall and it was a well-attended event, which we closed with Refreshment and networking. Photos and videos indicated participants became confident & happier. Some girls carried on their Drama sessions and applied colleges to do more Drama lessons. Two girls even found work experience placement in the field.

Sports Activites Summary

The Netball participants learnt new skills and they improved their fitness, some of them decided to carry on their activities even after the end of the project and were looking if they can get help from the local the community centre, during the last session we had an informal chat with the group and they told us that they benefited from the sessions, some of the girls played Netball in school but there were some who confirmed to us it was their first time of this sport and they gained new skills with the help of the project. The only problem was the fact that for cultural and religious reasons they would not let us take photos while they are wearing their sport polo shirts with people postcode’s logo, but they let us took their photo with their covering cloth with the balls. 17 women started, regular 11 finished and wanted to carry on the sessions but unfortunately, we had to tell them as it was only short project activities, we were unable to carry on for now, but aiming to start it again as soon as we find resources to carry on and at the moment we are in the middle of finding ways to start those worthwhile activities again.