Welsh Somali Achievements Awards

The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards

Back and bigger than ever, the awards ceremony will be honouring the greatest achievements of the Somali community in Wales and promises to be one of the most important annual ceremonies for the community.

An innovative, unique and prestigious ceremony, The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards pays tribute to inspiring Somali success stories from all walks of life, and recognises inspirational role models from the fields of education, community, volunteering, sport and special accolades.

The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards is being restored this year after it came to an end in 2015 with the concept for the awards being driven when an urgent need to actively promote positive role models from the Somali community was identified.

The Welsh Somali Community

With over 100 years of rich contribution to Wales, the Somali Community have played a huge role in helping to shape Wales as it is today, they were originally drawn to Cardiff as seamen at the end of the 19th century, shortly after the opening of the Suez canal, to work in the thriving docks and some of them served in the British Navy during World War II fighting alongside the British and were awarded medals for their service.

Fast forward to today and we have qualified Doctors, Pharmacists, Academics, Professors, Engineers, Social Workers, Lawyers and Community Development Workers to act as role models to our vast array of amazing youth, and The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards will look to recognise them and celebrate everyone else that is making a positive impact in the community.