Welcome to Hayaat Women Trust

Our Mission: Hayaat Women Trust is committed to improving and building better lives for African women.

Our area of work involves supporting less privileged women in our local communities in Cardiff, in addition helping to improve health education provisions in Somaliland, we especially work on improving maternal health and mental health, we also empower African women in both Wales and Somaliland to up skill their education, training and improve their livelihood.

Hayaat Women Trust is a non-profit organisation helping the lives of women in the Horn of Africa.

Hayaat Women Trust is an African women-led organization established in part to support women in our local community to access main stream services; it has been formed to improve the lives of African women.

Hayaat Women Trust is a registered charity No: 1155727, we has been formed with the aim to improve the lives of women residing in Wales and Africa.

We support women who are socially excluded on the ground of their ethnic origin or gender within our local community to access main stream services, to promote their social inclusion for the public benefit, to relieve their needs and to assist them to integrate into society. We are a grassroots organisation that has been successful in delivering a variety of projects in the community.