Our Trustees

Hayaat Women Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board work to uphold the charity’s vision, protect our assets and funds, and ensure that we comply with legislation and regulation. We are a registered charity that is managed by a board of trustees acting as management committee. Our trustees work for Hayaat Women Trust voluntarily to make sure we’re doing all we can to reach and empower disadvantaged people in our communities in Wales and Sub-Saharan African countries.

Fowzia Ali (Trustee/Director) Fowzia has 24 years of experience in Housing and Refugee support work. She is currently employed as public service Interpreter and Translator. Fowzia in 2011 founded Hayaat Women Trust with the help and support of fellow Somali community members. She has skills in managing projects and budgets. She was appointed by the steering community to be the secretary of the group but is now operating as Trustee/Director since the organisation gained Charity Incorporated status. In her daily role at Hayaat requires that she manages the projects, its many activities and events being undertaken, as well as managing sessional workers employed.

Nasra Hassan (Trustee)  Nasra has managed and been involved in many projects and events. Her roles have been that of a facilitator, adviser and mentor. Nasra is currently working in the Special Needs Education Support sector and is well known in the community for her support of families with adults who have learning difficulties, in addition, she also delivers awareness raising workshops in the community.

Shariifo Sharif (Trustee) Shariifo works as a Care Worker, but also previously worked as a Bookkeeper and has background on Financial Management, she also used to be a School Governor in her children’s school. She is also very active and popular in the community. She is passionate about Somali poetry and language and encourages young Somalis to find out about their culture and heritage through facilitated workshops.

Steering Committee The trustees also benefit from the input and support of a steering committee, made up of volunteers, including a qualified Mental Health Social Worker, Child Protection Social Worker Assistant, Finance/Housing Officer, IT expert and event organisers, they help the managing Trustee with running projects, organising events and implementing project activities.  The steering committee also reports to the Board of Trustees.