We run regular drop-in sessions, offering advice, information to the newcomers to access local health and education facilities.  We also hold regular consultations with service users in Cardiff specifically within Community First areas. In addition to this, we organise grassroots community education on a range of health-related topics such as understanding welfare reform, Health Awareness Training, Mental Health Awareness, and Maternal Health. This education is delivered through various different methods including health awareness events, tailor-made short education courses and training programmes.
We offer a range of different services to help disadvantaged families in the community out of poverty. In particular, Black and ethnic
minority women who find it difficult to access mainstream services in their areas, and often the reason for their isolation is caused by
cultural and language barriers. In collaboration with partner organisations including local Colleges, Universities and other local voluntary and statuary Bodies.Our charity organisation offers “Advocacy without Barriers” in which we assist women with issues relating to Health, Welfare and Benefits, Social Care, and Educational issues. In addition to advocacy, we also have been instrumental in offering women to improve their work prospects by partnering with local service providers in the employment field.