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Hayaat Women Trust is women-led organisation, it has been formed in Cardiff, South Wales, to support and empower the less advantaged people in our communities in Wales and Sub-Saharan African countries. We have also developed links with charity organisations in Somaliland including our partner organisation Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association. The aim of establishing the link was for HWT to aid and take part in the development of the country especially the Maroodijeh Region.

Please get involved with our worthwhile projects and donate, current projects include:

Mental Health Training session in Hargeisa for the staff of Mental Health providers

Mental Health Training session in Hargeisa for the staff of Mental Health providers

Mental Health Awareness and support programme: 1 in 3 Somalis have suffered from mental illness, an unprecendeted prevalence compared to the rest of the world. We are actively working to reduce this plight by supporting people with mental health disabilities and their families with their treatment, medicine and improving their general livelihoods.

We deliver raising MH awareness programmes for the community to educate people, reduce the stigma associated with Mental Health and deliver capacity building workshops for mental health service providers in Somaliland.

The condition of Hargeisa Mental Health Ward

The condition of Hargeisa Mental Health Ward

Sponorship project: We sponsor and support financially some of the families with mentally disabled members, so they can purchase the basic food and medication they require to improve their symptoms instead of resorting to crude, desperate methods such as chains to lock them up which is an unfortunate consequence due to the lack of basic medicine.

These huts are homes for many mentally ill people and their families in Hargeisa, Somaliland


One of the carers of mental health family members, Hargeisa getting little gift from HWT

Somaliland Maternal Health Project: Somaliland has an extremely high maternal and perinatal mortality rate, maternal mortality ratio of over 1,100 per 100,000 live births (DFID 2008). We deliver maternal health training programs in order to improve the lives of African women and help maternal health workers in Somaliland to save the live of mothers and children during child birth, in particular those in remote villages.

We regularly send health professionals such as midwives and doctors to deliver Training programmes. Please donate and help us to continue sending medical professionals to train more health workers to save more mothers and babies in Somaliland.


We also send baby clothes to health clinics & Hospitals so they can be passed to those mums who cannot afford to buy clothes for their babies.


Another project we recently undertook: Improving the access to adequate meals for the most vulnerable Internal Displaced People through Provision of emergency food support in Stadium and Statehouse IDP camps in Hargeisa. The project targets on Statehouse and Stadium IDPs camps in Hargeisa of Maroodi-jeeh region of Somaliland.

The beneficiaries will be 950 households in Statehouse and Stadium each household consists of approximately six members totalling 5700 individuals in Maroodi-jeeh region.


Our Activities in Wales: We offer a range different services to help disadvantaged families in the community out of poverty. In particular, Black and ethnic minority women who find difficult to access mainstream services in their areas, and often the reason of their isolation is caused by cultural and language barriers. In collaboration with partner organisations like: Colleges, Universities and other local voluntary and statuary Bodies we deliver

different kind of events, workshops and training programs from which includes regular Drop in advice and assistance sessions, understanding welfare reform, Health Awareness Training and other projects including Mental Health Awareness, Maternal health, keep fit, healthy diet, tailor made short educational courses and job searching and job readiness skills.

We deliver cultural awareness programme/workshops for local public service providers.


In partnership with Butetown History and Art Centre we delivered the ‘Writing Our Lives’ project supported by the Awards for All program.

Our services have positive affect on those who benefits from the work we do, this often helps them to integrate in to the community, become motivated and active citizens and feel empowered and more confident.

Please get involved and make difference to your community by donating to help us carry on our services and reach out more people in similar situations.

Hayaat Women Trust was has recently been awarded UN Gold Award which has been presented by the Welsh Minister.



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