Previous Projects

Hayaat Women Trust delivered Umbrella programme with Cardiff library and other local community organisations, the programme considerate on Refugee community to tell their story, this was to celebrate the Refugee Week and participants from all different background and cultures celebrated together and told their stories in a safe environment.


Hayaat Women Trust delivered mental health awareness project with Partnership Mind, Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Project and mental health services. This programme was launched on world Mental Health day on 10th October 2012, the programme was about educating community on mental health issues and mental health Act, it contained educational and awareness programmes.




Hayaat Women Trust established successful partnership with Star Community first, in partnership we delivered anti-poverty programme, this enabled in mobilizing marginalised women to take part in educational and employment readiness activities, Personnel Development workshops were delivered by our partner organisation Peksi.  Also there were short tailor made and accredited programmes delivered by our partners Cardiff Met and Cardiff University widening access departments. As a result our organisation has been awarded Star Community’s local Hero Award for the learn category.




Hayaat Women Trut has been involved in many International Womens Days and one such day we facilitated a Somali Cultural Awareness event in partnership with Galool Home of Somali Education.



Hayaat Women Trust previously worked with BRG Community First, we delivered Holistic and Keep fit Health programme delivered by experienced professionals.


 In the past three years we developed International link with Horn of Africa countries, after receiving help from Wales for Africa Team, we managed to do two trips to Somaliland, we took health and social professionals to undertake needs assessment over there and subsequently deliver educational programme, our partner Nuhi delivered the last mental health and substance misuse awareness programme.